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Crystal Meth

How does it feel?

How is it used?

Is it addictive?

Things to
be aware of


Crystal Meth is a powerful stimulant drug which releases a lot of the brains “feel good” chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin.


Horny, energised, keeps you awake, confident, fewer inhibitions, high feeling.

Exhausted, paranoid, very low mood, stomach problems from appetite suppression, increase blood pressure and heart rate causing increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

Crystal meth can also cause psychosis which is experienced as a losing of control and the ability to see what reality is. This can be very frightening and not easy to come around from with anything other than the passing of time and can also see people make uncharacteristic decisions.

Smoked in a pipe, snorted, booty bumped (inserted into the anus with a syringe), and also injected (often called slamming) for a quicker more intense hit.


Many people use crystal meth to allow them to have sex for hours and hours, sometimes days at a time. 

Whilst the risk of physical dependency or addiction to crystal meth is minimal, psychological addiction is possible. As with other chemsex drugs, people often report that they find themselves not being able to have sex without it or function in other ways such as getting through something stressful or socializing.


Although crystal meth may make you want to have a lot of sex and maybe try sexual things you haven’t before it can also prevent you getting or keeping an erection.

People talk about the “come down” from crystal meth being particularly difficult depending how much you use and when people have used for a number of days in a row.

It is now found in Greater Manchester in many different forms with different names claiming to be different strengths and varying in price. This makes it difficult to know how you will respond especially if it is mixed with something different.


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