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Drug Interaction

Is it safe to mix drugs?

Can I use chems whilst on HIV meds?

It is safest to use only one substance at a time, however people sometimes combine drugs particularly club drugs or chemsex drugs, some drugs may enhance the effects of others however some drugs are very dangerous, even lethal when used together.


Make sure you know which drugs to avoid combining and don’t forget you may buy something without knowing what it is mixed with so always go low and slow with doses.

See the chart below to understand the interactions between some of the  most commonly used drugs.

Image provided by LGBT Foundation, data from Tripsit:

Drug Interaction
LGBTF Drug Interaction Chart

**We are aware that some chems are missing from this chart and are looking into reliable sources with which to update this resource**

If you are on medication for HIV, the effectiveness of your medication may be impacted by substances so please also check this out and discuss with a health professional if you have concerns.


Check out the website below for information around which HIV meds are impacted by which drugs.


It is easy to simply forget or miss doses of any medication if you are spending three days partying, so be sure to set reminders to try and stick to the medication that you need, whatever that may be.

Drug Interaction
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