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aka G

GHB/GBL Bottle

How does it feel?

How is it used?

Is it addictive?

Pros of GHB/GBL
Cons of GHB/GBL

G is a depressant and as such can make you feel more relaxed, slowed down and it also opens up peoples muscles which is one of the reasons it is used as a “chemsex” drug, to make different types of sex easier, such as fisting or having a lot of sex.

Relaxed, turned on, drowsy  


Increased risk of “going under” (losing consciousness) , overdose risk is high, insomnia, risk of dependency

Liquid form, measured in a pipette, and drank mixed into a soft drink. It has been reportedly also added to lube and sometimes without peoples knowledge. Occasionally appears as a powder.


GBL – a liquid with a strong, chemical smell and taste. GHB – a clear odorless and tasteless liquid.

G is a substance which people build a tolerance to and so they quickly require more and more to reach the same effect. People may also develop a physical dependence on this drug. This means that if they suddenly stop using it they will experience withdrawal effects which will be unpleasant, dangerous and in some cases fatal. Symptoms include agitation, seizures, hallucinations. When a physical dependence has developed and people are using daily they may require a medical detox and some supervision to be able to stop using safely.


GBL is converted into GHB in the body but both are available for purchase and are often advertised as a cleaning chemical or paint stripper.

A very small amount of G can have a sedative effect however the effect wears off very quickly and people must frequently “dose” to continue to experience the effects.  

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