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Chem, Pills
Other drugs

(aka coke)

(aka ket)

(aka benzos)



A stimulant which is usually snorted or rubbed on the gums.


Confident, energized, excited, chatty


Fast heart rate, higher temperature, sick, panicky, anxious, paranoid.


Cocaine can also increase sex drive but may make it difficult to get or maintain erection.Is often taken with other chems and with alcohol.

However, it should not be used with alcohol as this can lead to a toxic mix in the body which increases damage to the heart and liver.


Some people become addicted to cocaine and find this very destructive to health including mental health, relationships and finances as this is an expensive drug.

Positive Effects
Negative Effects

Boosts energy levels, feel high, numb, horny, feel less pain, relax muscles, lowers inhibitions  


Dizziness, nausea, racing heartbeat, hallucinations,  K hole*


People know this as a horse tranquilizer, powder to be snorted, added to drinks or smoked. Do not mix with alcohol or GHB/GBL as it increases the effect of each significantly.


Ketamine is a drug which some people may come to use often and even daily and this can cause anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, severe stomach pain and damage kidney or liver and also bladder.


*Taking a large dose can lead to a “K hole” where people may not be able to move or talk. It can take a while to come round from this and so moving away from lights to somewhere quiet and safe is recommended.


Sleepy, relaxed, calm


Confused, disoriented


Can be used to help “come down” from stimulants or to sleep after a heavy session.


May include valium, Diaziepam, Xanax, Temazepam. Each will have different side effects and may not be what you think they are if bought rather than prescribed.


Many of these are very addictive if taken regularly. 


They are very dangerous if taking GHB/GBL or drinking as they are both depressants and increase overdose risk.


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