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How does it feel?

How is it used?

Is it addictive?

Things to
be aware of

Pros of Mcat
Cons of Mcat

Mcat is a powerful stimulant and is often compared to other drugs used in party settings, like ecstacy and cocaine.

High, horny, talkative, confident, alert, euphoric  


Increased risk of heart attack & stroke, sore mouth, damage to teeth & tongue, paranoia, strong odor of “cat wee”

Snorted, booty bumped, sometimes injected (slammed).


People often inject to get a stronger reaction to the drug however this brings with it a lot of other risks associated with injecting. See further information around safer injecting.

The effects of MCat do not last very long which may mean you will want to use more and more in one session and this can mean that you don’t want to stop.


Mcat usually presents as another powder (white/off white/yellow) or small crystal and on occasion in pill form.

Mcat is often taken alongside other drugs and can be unpredictable when mixed with other drugs and alcohol.  


If you are going to use Mcat make sure that you have as much information as possible:


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