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What are the risks of slamming?

How can I decrease the risk?

High & Low risk injecting

People sometimes inject drugs (aka slamming) such as Crystal Meth and Mcat/Mephodrone. 


This is because the drug going directly into the bloodstream means you will feel the effects much more quickly and they will feel stronger. 


There are also much higher risks involved in injecting such as:

  • overdose

  • infections such as HIV & Hep C

  • collapsed veins

  • blood clots

  • abscesses

  • people report becoming addicted to the practice of injecting itself  


Research shows that many people who inject have done so with poor practices such as the wrong size needles and in places that are high risk or by allowing others to inject them and sharing needles. 

The map below is good guide for where the low risk areas to inject are-

  • Avoid sharing needles, use thin short needles (ones for injecting insulin are best) and dispose of them in a sharps bin. 

  • Use sterile water for injection or freshly boiled tap water left to cool down. 

  • Wash hands and clean the injection site. 

  • Make sure you get some information on Tourniquets, they can be helpful when used correctly but can also pose more risks when used incorrectly.  


If you are injecting or using drugs alone consider using the Buddy Up App by Cranstoun 

This app can support you with an emergency plan and alert emergency services if you overdose alone. 



Find out:

  • Where is your local needle exchange? How do you dispose of your pins? 



More info on safer injecting: 

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